Artist Profiles and External Links

Aimee Wissman

Aimee is a self-taught visual artist and filmmaker that works with a diverse array of materials and themes. Since her release from prison she has been an active member in the arts community across the state, and nationally, particularly focusing on efforts to curate the work of her contemporaries and create programming that allows for meaningful dialogue and cultural shifts. Her body of work continues to transform, but the visible longing for justice and a recontextualized release from trauma remains at the core of her practice and message. She has learned that making is an opportunity to embrace her voice, understand her power, and to advocate for human beings experiencing social and political oppressions.

Kamisha Thomas

Kamisha Thomas is an interdisciplinary image maker, and describes her work as exploratory expressionism. Thomas’ films, stories, poems, skits, and scripts are inspired by her personal experiences and the experiences of others. One commonality within these experiences is the exploration of humanity. Her work brings audiences face to face with their own humanity, ego, and privilege, as she is faced with her own every day. The drawings, paintings, prints, installations, jewelry, and digital designs quenches her thirst for curiosity and provides relief from the plight of being Black in this country.

Zeph Vondenhueval

Zeph is a trans artist diagnosed with multiple chronic, debilitating diseases. Their work deals directly and explicitly with issues around medical justice for people who have biologically female bodies.

Gwendolyn Garth

Gwen is a visual artist and founding director of the Kings & Queens of Art in Cleveland, OH.

Kings & Queens of Art is a grassroots collaborative of Artists of all disciplines with a special focus on artists from the re-entry sector presently or formerly incarcerated. We create side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We believe everyone has an artist inside of them, looking to express his/herSelf and we want to help you find your artistic voice. 

Joy Hoop

Joy Hoop is a currently incarcerated artist working in found material, fiber, sculpture, and more. The RAG anticipates and hopes for release at her upcoming parole board hearing.

Kevin Ballou

Kevin Ballou is a multi-disciplinary artist working in installation, acting (theatre/film), improv comedy, and event promotion. He works as a full-time community organizer and advocate creating impact at the intersection of art and justice. He is currently working on a traveling prison cell installation that will be featured throughout Ohio in 2022.

Dean Preston

Dean Preston is a currently incarcerated painter. His work is explicitly about the carceral experience and depicts the prison landscape in both setting and subject.

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell is a 35 year old Cleveland-based singer/songwriter and all around performer. Since her return home from prison in 2019, Andrea has steadily pursued her craft along side close friends who served time with her. Andrea spreads joy and inspiration through song and encourages others to do the same.

Kerri Chrifield

Whitney Kretchek

Adam Kretchek

Black Sun (Michael Powell)

Tronee Threat (Guy Banks)

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